Side-Entry Threaded Control & Choke Valves

STDC Series

Like all Cyclonic valves, the STDC Series is built with the Cyclonic Design Difference. When you need to control a wide range of pressures and flow rates of gases or liquids, Cyclonic’s superior design gives you accurate control and a long safe valve life.

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Low Torque
Exclusive internal gear drive
requires less torque, often
allowing use of smaller, less
expensive actuation. Precise
repeatable control.
Actuation Friendly
Pre-drilled for simple in-line
actuation changes, whether
manual or automated.
Field Lubricated Stem
Can be used with handle
or actuator.
Side Entry Access Bonnet
Allows easy changeout of the discs to
accommodate changing flow conditions,
and for complete
inspection and maintenance -
all without taking the valve out of line,
or removing the actuator.
In-Line Flow Path
Minimizes pressure drop,
erosion and cavitation.
100% Testing
Each valve we make is tested
to ANSI B16.34 / API 598

Tungsten Carbide
Control discs and extended
downstream erosion protection.