Side-Entry Angle Pattern Control & Choke Valves

SFD2EB Series

Like all Cyclonic valves, the SFD2EB Series is built with the Cyclonic Design Difference. When you need to control a wide range of pressures and flow rates of gases or liquids, Cyclonic’s superior design gives you accurate control and a long safe valve life.

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Actuation Friendly
Pre-drilled for simple in-line actuation
changes, whether manual or automated.
"Live Load" Stem Packing
Maintains continuous sealability
during thermal-cycling.
Side Entry Access Bonnet
Allows easy changeout of the discs
to accommodate changing flow
conditions, and for complete
inspection and maintenance - all
without taking the valve out of line,
or removing the actuator.
100% Testing
Each valve we make is tested to
ANSI B16.34 / API 598 standards.
Tungsten Carbide
Control discs and extended
downstream erosion protection.