Cyclonic valves are "automation friendly". As operators continue to expand the automation of their oil and gas production fields, the use of Cyclonic valves as control valves and as production chokes in automated fields makes a lot of sense for the following reasons:

  1. All Cyclonic valves are already pre-drilled for actuator mountings. It is easy to remove a handle and install an actuator on a Cyclonic valve installed in a field that is being converted to automated operation.
  2. Cyclonic valves can be used with nearly all makes of electric and pneumatic actuators.
  3. Cyclonic’s rotating-stem disc control design provides for a simpler, more reliable actuated configuration and works well in an automated operation. Conventional needle-and-seat chokes with a rising stem design and other Multiple Orifice-style chokes can be difficult to integrate effectively into an automated operation.
  4. The gear-driven rotating stem design used in Cyclonic Valves has a 2:1 or 3:1 gear reduction that provides finer, more responsive disc control and substantially lower operating torque (as much as 50% lower).
  5. The low operating torque allows for the use of smaller actuators that are less costly. As such, they are more compatible with situations where solar power must be used to drive electric actuators.
  6. Because Cyclonic valves facilitate the use of solar power, it is much easier to use Cyclonic valves to replace line-pressure powered diaphragm-actuated valves that generate fugitive emissions.
Control Valves

These are just a few of the many reasons that Cyclonic should be the control/choke valve of choice for automated production fields.

Cyclonic valves are robust enough to be used as production chokes, and still provide the precision and responsiveness of a control valve with a Class VI shutoff capability. Our "Side Entry" feature on several models allows quick, simple one-person changeout of internal components. Control discs can be easily changed out to accommodate changing flow conditions, and complete inspection and replacement of internal wear components can easily be done—all without taking the valve out of line, or removing the actuator. Our EDS™ Erosion Detection System provides a remotely-detectable warning of serious internal erosive valve wear before the integrity of the valve is compromised. Cyclonic maintains a substantial inventory of its valves and of several makes and models of actuators at our Broken Arrow (OK) facility for expedited service and for the convenience of our customers. Our focus is to keep your production field in a producing mode.